Representation Matters

Today I’m excited to share a few things I’ve found about representation, but first, look at this fun way to uplift and engage customers at the Starbucks in Manor, TX. I’m thinking we could do something similar outside of my classroom in the 8th-grade hallway?!

I happened to see it when I was meeting Melissa from #CelebratED for coffee last week, a jolt of not only java but more importantly JOY!

After our lovely coffee conversation, we traded some swag and I left feeling so happy.

Know what else makes me happy? Equity and inclusivity. Here are two stories that I’ve found recently that punctuate the importance of both of those things. First, from Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, from a Facebook post. Grab the tissues.

The second is this ad about two-year old Oliver and his outing to Target.

Representation is, indeed, a beautiful thing.

Do let me know if ever you need Professional Development around Equity or other areas involving Social and Emotional Growth; check out my updated brochure {here}.

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