A Page In My Book

Today I’m grateful for this beautiful personalized notecard, which came in this week’s mail from a new friend, Linda in Louisiana. It’s fun how we met; I donated to a Donors Choose Project, then the project director reached out to let me know that as a thank you, she sent a copy of Mr. Quigley’s Keys to her friend Linda in New Orleans, for her Little Free Library. Isn’t that a fun way to express gratitude?

So I offered to send a signed bookplate and a week later I had that handwritten note from Linda in the mail. Life is made up of all of these little connections which make a BIG difference.

I’ve recently done a few family night presentations and my heart has been touched by the kids and their heARTwork. Their happy creations put a song in my soul, for sure.

More joy came knocking when this Principal and friend in WI chose our book for her World Read-Aloud Day pick with this group of first-grade readers. My heart warmed right up with gratitude and pride when she posted this picture on Twitter that day.

Last Sunday, I got to talk about empathy, compassion and kindness for the families as a local church. One of the coolest things was when I was giving out antique KEYpsakes to our participants. I said to one young boy, “Here’s a key for you and one for your mom.” He was beaming and without missing a beat, she said, “Oh, I’m not his mom; I’m his bus driver!” More goodness to nourish my soul; how lovely is that, for her to sit by one of her young passengers and share a donut during our class.

In this interactive session, REAL stands for Reflection, Empathy, Appreciation and Love. Do let me know if you have a needs for a growth session like this with your school family.

My final booster shot of inspiration and love came when a local Media Specialist reached out with this note:

I am messaging you because I wanted to see if I could buy a copy of your book for the student that you visited with at my school. He came by the library today and I had your book out on display and it was so cute because he said “you know I need to buy one of these because I’m in that book.” He said I don’t know how but I’m in the book. And I remembered that you asked the kids if they saw themselves in that picture on the back and I just thought it was the cutest thing so I wanted to get him a signed copy for him to keep.

She came to my house and picked up a signed copy; I wrote that he’ll always have a page in my books.

You will have to imagine his incredible smile, but I’m happy to share part of the picture she sent, with him holding his book and key necklace so tenderly while pointing to himself and the child that he sees as himself.

This week was challenging on so many levels, but what a gift, to know that our book is making its trek into the hearts and hands of precious young readers everywhere.

Happy February, dear reader.

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